MARKET RESEARCH – Selection Process

Survey results have been presented by independent research firm, Polk-Lepson. “Polk-Lepson Research Group provides a variety of quantitative and qualitative marketing research services including problem definition, research design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting of the results.” With Select Professionals, Polk-Lepson has invited Dentists from geographical areas, to participate in a nomination survey of their peers. Data was then collected, analyzed, and presented to Innovative Designs & Publishing for the respective markets. The presented data included a listing of leading dentists within particular fields of study. For more information on the Polk-Lepson Research Firm, please click here.

Research is provided by the American Dental Association. All data has been purchased through a licensed broker and royalties to the ADA have been paid. This database of information has been issued to Innovative Designs & Publising, Inc. as the acting sub-licensee, for the year 2012. As per the ADA’s brokerage firm, all information contained within the data presented, is accurate and current.